Delve into today’s global challenges during a university workshop, joining National Geographic explorers and other experts for stimulating seminars, hands-on workshops, and excursions in the field. You’ll get inside access to some of the world’s most influential organizations—from Google to Nat Geo headquarters and the research labs at MIT. At the end of your program, develop a proposal for a community project, and you could win seed funding to make your idea a reality!


  • Explore Your Passion

    Explore engineering and robotics at MIT, head to Nat Geo headquarters to learn the secrets of storytelling, or discover cutting-edge technologies in Silicon Valley. Whichever workshop you choose, you’ll delve into important global issues during stimulating seminars, hands-on activities, and excursions in the field.

  • Get a Taste For College Life

    Experience the daily life of a college student from your base on a university campus. After your workshop wraps up, there’s also the option to hit the road for a tour of the area’s top colleges.

  • Work with our Experts

    Two or more National Geographic experts—think explorers, engineers, and wildlife conservationist magazine editors—join each of our workshops, and you’ll work alongside these professionals, learning about their experiences and perspectives firsthand. Below, meet a few of the experts joining our workshops next summer.



    National Geographic Fellow Dr. Katy Croff Bell uses technology to investigate the depths of the ocean. Katy currently leads the MIT Media Lab Open Ocean Initiative, dedicated to reimagining the future of ocean exploration and storytelling. Katy will join our Engineering and Robotics workshop on the MIT campus.



    National Geographic Emerging Explorer and inventor Topher White has come up with an ingenious method of detecting illegal logging and poaching in remote rain forests, using recycled cell phones. Topher will join our Technology and Innovation workshop in the Silicon Valley.



    Named a National Geographic Emerging Explorer for his groundbreaking work as a cultural educator, Aziz Abu Sarah has dedicated his life to bringing Israelis and Palestinians together to find common ground, build mutual understanding, and forge lasting relationships. Aziz will join our Impact Storytelling workshop at National Geographic headquarters.

  • Go Behind the Scenes

    Get inside access to places like National Geographic, Google headquarters, and the research labs at MIT, where you’ll meet some of the world’s brightest visionaries and see innovation in action.

  • Win Funding for Your Own Project

    With the guidance of your leaders and Nat Geo experts, develop a capstone project to further examine an issue you’re passionate about and pitch your idea at the conclusions end of your workshop for a chance to win funding from National Geographic to launch your initiative!

 Explore Our University Workshops:


Engineering and Robotics on the MIT Campus

July 9 – July 17, 2018
Grades 9 – 12

Attend seminars on a range of topics—from 3D printing to engineering urban farms—and participate in related experiments. Tie your experiences together in a capstone project that uses cutting-edge science to help address an important issue in your own community.

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Impact Storytelling at Nat Geo in Washington, D.C.

July 11 – July 19, 2018
Grades 9 – 12

From our base at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., get an inside look at National Geographic headquarters, and see how this storied organization continues to push the boundaries of exploration and harness the power of storytelling to effect change on a global scale.

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Technology & Innovation in the Silicon Valley

July 22 – July 30, 2018
Grades 9 – 12

Set out from the University of California, Berkeley to go behind-the-scenes at the laboratories, workshops, and studios of some of National Geographic’s most creative thinkers, and at influential companies like Google. During your field experiences, learn how unbridled innovation can harness tools and technology to generate change and improve society on a global scale.

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