Our day began with two local mountain trains. Then we caught a cable car to our hike for the day in Mürren. After Anika and Lara persuaded the entire cable car to participate in a video, we arrived at our starting point. We hiked up a steep hill, captivated by the snails, the passing fog and Ross’ resemblance to Mick from Crocodile Dundee, up to everyone’s highlight of the day… cows! We spent a great portion of the day taking photos/videos of the cows in action, making friends and naming them in the process. Many of us even got licked or swatted by their tails.

After, we left the cows and came to the top of our hike. At the top, we played a series of games including human knots and massage trains. All of this was captured on Ross’ drone. Hungrily and happily we ventured back down for lunch in the mountain town of Mürren. Lunch was very appreciated, though many of us got caught eating in the rain at the end. After, we had time to wander and explore the town and do some impulse buying for some patches and souvenirs. Then we rode a gondola back down the hill with scenic views of waterfalls and the skyline. We arrived at Trummelbachfalle, which is a series of 10 glacier waterfalls, and was probably the highlight of our resident Nat Geo cave expert Robbie Shone’s trip. We climbed stairs and went through caves to see all the chutes and falls from various angles and standpoints.

Through this, we learned a lot about photography in the dark with help from our experts. The waterfalls were unlike anything we had seen before and we were either taking photos/videos or admiring the view. We took a train back to Grindelwald for dinner (which included many laughs), went home, and we gladly slept and stretched out to get ready for our early morning adventure to the top of the Jungfrau!