Today was full of amazing adventures; it started out with us getting fitted with wet suits for our canyoneering excursion. This took about 30 minutes of us pulling, jumping, and tugging to get them on. When we finally got them on, we submerged ourselves into the cold glacier water. Once we got used to the water, we zip lined into a waterfall while people slid down waterfalls simultaneously. The canyoneering was an absolutely amazing experience! We were all ecstatic, and even though it was our last day of the trip nobody let it get to them.

Later on we went to the last dinner as a group. We all got dressed up nicely and went into the beautiful Chamonix and had laughable moments together. After that we went back to the hotel and got cozy and looked at final photos and the final video together. This brought out the tears in everyone. Later on, we said our last highs and lows for the past two weeks. The highs were full of gratitude with how easily everyone had bonded and how glad they were that they came on this trip. And the lows were all how sad it is that we have to leave each other tomorrow. Overall, this day was full of adventures, but was also full of moments that showed how much we all love each other.

Enjoy the film group’s final project!