We started off the day in Inis Oírr with breakfast at the hostel and then went to go rent bikes nearby. The majority of the group then biked to find a seal colony along the coast and ended up circling back to the hostel to regroup before lunch. After eating lunch next door, we took a few minutes to relax and prepare for the afternoon. At this point in the day, we were also able to go buy the Aran fudge that was being sold down the street. Then, the leaders gave us the option to either stay back and edit, go hiking, or go biking again. The hiking and biking groups both got to see the lighthouse and castle ruins. After getting back, everyone got ready for dinner and then took a 10-minute walk to the restaurant. After eating a filling dinner and dessert, the group got time to pack, shower, edit, and go explore more of the island before heading to an early sleep. Tomorrow morning, we will head to the 8 a.m. ferry going to Galway, then prepare for the drive to Dublin.