There once was a big ole group,
from the U.S., Paris, and Beirut,
who set out to see what Iceland has in store,
around the country we’ll travel, not tour,
we’re already more family than the Von Trapp troupe

 We started by splashing in the blue lagoon,
and soaked in salts until high noon,
the shower police corralled us,
they prodded and towelled us,
and we left a bunch of giggly, wrinkled buffoons
 Back to the hostel we gathered around the table
and discussed our hopes and fears
like any other fresh group of strangers would.
fears were forgotten
and hopes amplified.
 After a restful sleep
we divided and explored the charming Reykjavik.
we converged and laughed on the rocks at the magnificent hallgrimskirja.
as one we moved to dinner.
 We had the opportunity to have our viking portrait taken, and passed it.
but we had the chance to see a new city with new friends, and cashed it.
 This beginning leaves only one impression of us: we are mind-blown by the Icelandic culture and closer than ever to the family that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.