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Community Service

On our community service programs, we delve into the local culture. Based in small villages, work alongside members of the community on collaborative service projects focusing on infrastructure, education, and conservation projects. We’ll also have time during and at the end of each program to explore the region on active excursions. See all of our community service programs below.

  • FindaTrip-CostaRicaCS_220x150

    Costa Rica Community Service

    14 Days
    Experience everyday life in a mountain village, working alongside locals on a variety of service projects. Then head to the coast. | More >>

  • fiji-featured


    15 Days
    Settle into an island village and work alongside locals on service projects. Then snorkel spectacular coral reefs. | More >>

  • nepal-featured


    18 Days
    Immerse yourself in village life at the foot of the soaring Himalaya. Trek to a monastery and go on safari. | More >>


    Peru Community Service

    14 Days
    Immerse yourself in a traditional Andean village, working with the community on service projects. Then visit Machu Picchu. | More >>

  • FindaTrip-Tanzania_220x150

    Tanzania Community Service

    15 Days
    Settle into a village in the hills and work with locals on service projects. Then set out on a wildlife safari. | More >>

  • Thailand-main


    15 Days
    Immerse yourself in Thai life while working on service projects. Visit an elephant conservation center and snorkel off the coast. | More >>

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