Fill out this form to receive a 10% referral fee for any student you refer and who subsequently travels on a National Geographic Student Expedition. Please note that students or their parents must apply directly on the student expeditions website, and all pre and post-trip communication will take place directly between the family and the admissions office. Upon receipt of a student application, the admissions team will process it and make a prompt decision regarding acceptance. To be eligible for the 10% referral fee, the travel advisor must have submitted this completed form within 2 weeks of the application being submitted by that student. National Geographic will pay the travel advisor within 60 days of the completion of the trip.

For questions about the referral and payment process, please contact or 202-791-2307. If you have specific questions about any of our Student Expeditions trips or about a student’s application process, please call the National Geographic Student Expeditions admissions office at 877-877-8759.

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