After wrapping up our Swiss adventure at the mighty Matterhorn, our group continued on to France to meet Keith Ladzinski, our Nat Geo expert.  Keith has already been busy inspiring this next generation of adventure photographers!  During our first days, we ventured into Mer de Glace, a glacier that has been receding dramatically over the last 150 years and where European alpinists and tourists blend together to explore the ice and the surrounding peaks. Led by expert mountain guides, the group split into smaller groups and “hiked down” to the moraine using climbing ladders that allowed us to get to the ice sheet. Once on the glacier, the groups visited ice caves and glacier rivers where we practiced ice hiking with crampons and ice climbing with piolets. To finish the day we hiked to the mountain chalet where will spent the next 2 days exploring the higher peaks of the French and Italian alps!


Check out some photos from our adventures: