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On Assignment Projects

Over the years, National Geographic has made a name for itself by telling stories through photography, writing, film, and research. Now it's your turn. Go "on assignment" with National Geographic and dig deeper into a country's landscape and culture to develop your own story through research, photography, or hands-on field activities. Take a look at our On Assignment projects and the destinations in which they're offered. Pick the place and project you find most intriguing, then get ready to set out into the world and create your story.

Find out more about our five Conservation in Action expeditions that will have you working closely with scientists and researchers on some of National Geographic's top conservation priorities.


Set out on photo shoots to improve your photography skills and capture the color and character of the places you encounter. Develop a photo-essay about a topic that sparks your interest.

This On Assignment project is available on all expeditions and workshops.

Wildlife & Conservation

Explore the local wildlife and their habitats with naturalists and biologists. Learn about regional and national efforts to protect natural resources, and investigate the threats that population and poverty pose to conservation initiatives.

Archaeology & Ancient Culture

Venture out with your exploration team to uncover the complex layers of past civilizations. Explore ancient ruins, discover the rich mythology behind treasured sites, and find the links between ancient and modern worlds.


Work in production teams to document your journey, the people you meet, and the events you witness. Create a narrative that captures the sights, sounds, and personality of a place through the versatile medium of film.

Cultural Geography

Cultivate a sense of "space and place" by discovering the interconnections between people and their environment. Ever wonder why Italians drink coffee and the British drink tea? Or how mountainous people adapt differently to their surroundings than desert nomads? Think like a geographer while exploring the history, ecology, and culture of the places you visit.

Creative Writing

Develop your writing skills with the assistance of a published writer. Learn how to incorporate a strong sense of place into your work. Spend time in a busy marketplace using all five senses to capture the scene, interview a local personality for a character sketch, or bring the past alive in the evocative silence of an ancient ruin.

Climate & Geology

Examine earth processes and witness dramatic geologic forces at work. Get out into the field to learn how volcanoes, geothermal activity, and glaciers have shaped landscapes and civilizations throughout history. Meet geologists to discuss the science of global climate change.

Community Service

Spend your days working alongside villagers and a team of students. Teach English to children at the local school. Participate in building or restoration projects, clean up a park, or help paint a community health center. Collaborative community projects provide an opportunity for deeper cultural interaction and insight into daily life in our host communities.

Your participation in an On Assignment project will enhance your understanding of the cultures and environments you visit, and improve your skills and knowledge in your selected focus area. Plus, you'll return home with a tangible product — whether it's a short story or essay, a documentary film, or a slide show — that you can share with your family and friends. You will also have the opportunity to submit your material to be published on the National Geographic website.

Your participation in a National Geographic Student Expedition provides support to National Geographic's mission of increasing global understanding through exploration, geography education, and research.
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