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On Assignment Projects

Take a look at the On Assignment projects you can pursue while on our expeditions and the destinations in which they're offered. Pick the place and project you find most intriguing, then get ready to set out into the world and create your story.

Learn more about our five types of programs.


Set out on photo shoots to improve your photography skills and capture the character of the places you encounter. Develop a photo-essay about a topic that sparks your interest.

This On Assignment project is available on all expeditions.

Wildlife & Conservation

Explore the local wildlife and their habitats with naturalists and biologists. Learn about regional and national efforts to protect natural resources, and investigate the threats that population and poverty pose to conservation initiatives.

Archaeology & Ancient Culture

Uncover complex layers of past civilizations by exploring ancient ruins, discovering the rich mythology behind treasured sites, and finding the links between ancient and modern worlds.

Film & Video

Work in production teams to document your journey, the people you meet, and the adventures you experience. Learn how to create time lapses, capture great GoPro footage or even use your phone to craft short digital stories.

Cultural Geography

Cultivate a sense of “space and place” by discovering the connections between people and their environment. Think like a geographer while exploring the history, ecology and culture of the places you visit.

Creative Writing

Develop your writing skills with the assistance of a published writer. Learn how to incorporate a strong sense of place into your work as you explore your destination.

Climate & Geology

Examine earth processes, witness dramatic geological forces at work and discuss the science of global climate change. Learn how volcanoes, geothermal activity and glaciers have shaped landscapes and civilizations.

Human Origins & Evolution

Work with scientists to excavate and analyze human fossils, learning about our own evolution. Record, photograph, and conserve paleontological sites, and develop projects to communicate the importance of protecting our heritage.

Proceeds from our student expeditions help fund the National Geographic Society's core mission programs. By traveling with us, you are helping support our grantees and explorers in their efforts to preserve species and habitats, protect cultures, and advance understanding of our incredible planet.
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