What an incredible start to our trip! The ruin at Pisac was spectacular in every way. We had cloud cover that protected us from the sun and it even rained a little in the afternoon, which brought out a rainbow in the valley. Through our guide Felipe, we all learned many new things about the incredible achievements and culture of the Incas. We’re so happy to be here… and so happy together!  After our time at the ruin, we wrote reflections on our experience and a couple of the students’ reflections are below.


“No cars, no roads, no colours here thirty years ago,” our tour guide Filippo Fredy said, pointing at Pisac, the town hugged by the Sacred Valley.”

Pisac is now a rapidly growing town due to the tourism industry. Despite my very short time in this small town, and in spite of the heavy influence of tourism on this place, there is still some sense of coherence — the Inca idea of balance and peace can be found within people, especially the ones who live in the upper parts of the mountains, who still maintain their original Inca culture. They show pride towards their homes, “built by their grandfathers.”

– James O.

Our guide felipe contacting his ancestors.

Our guide felipe contacting his ancestors.

My first taste of Peru has been absolutely wonderful. Our first stop was Pisac, which is situated right in the Sacred Valley. It is a beautiful town surrounded by mountains. We took a beautiful hike with a very knowledgeable guide who taught us a lot about Incan culture and life. He simulated a religious ceremony and even played Incan flutes. I was very happy to see falcons, eagles, and even a caracara. The food has been great! I have enjoyed a variety of potatoes and even alpaca. I can’t wait for the rest of the trip!

– Eli K.