Photo by student Mckenna G.

A is for all the kayaking we did

B is for breathtaking waterfalls we saw

C is for Cassidy kayaking through two icebergs

D is for delicious Icelandic hot dogs

E is for every time we bumped our kayaks into each other

F is for friendly seals saying “hello”

G is for great friends to share these experiences with

H is for coming to Hofn!

I is for icebergs floating on the Lagoon and on the black sand beach

J is for Julia and Lexi getting stuck in between those two icebergs (see letter C for a refresher)

K is for kayaking in a glacial lagoon! (I mean, how many people actually get to say that?!)

L is for looking at the sunset

M is for macro lenses

N is for new experiences

O is for our outgoing and outstanding group leaders

Photo by student Mckenna G.

Photo by student Mckenna G.

P is for playing tons of card games

Q is for quacking ducks in the Lagoon

R is for really wanting to do the Polar Plunge

S is for swimming in the local pool

T is for a two a.m. bedtime

U is for an unusually sunny day

V is for visiting a Viking Village

W is for being welcomed to Iceland by the young children climbing through the windows in the primary school we stayed at

X is for the extra late dinner (midnight!)

Y is for all the yummy food that Adam makes us

Z is for zipping across the southern coast of Iceland in six days!