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2014 Student Travel Destinations

We offer four types of programs: expeditions, field workshops, photography workshops, and community service programs. All of our trips range from eleven days to three weeks. On our expeditions, you'll experience the best of the destination through in-depth exploration of a country or region. Our field and photography workshops are shorter, with one or two bases from which you'll set out to explore our spectacular surroundings. On each trip, you'll pursue an On Assignment project of your choice that will enhance your understanding of the cultures and environments you visit, and improve your skills and knowledge in your selected focus area. Click here for more general information about these trips. See all of our summer 2014 trips below.

  • Alaska Field Workshop

    12 Days
    Discover the spectacular wilderness of America’s wild northern frontier while focusing on photography, wildlife and conservation, or filmmaking. | More »

  • Australia Expedition

    20 Days
    Experience Australia's outback, rain forests, and reefs through projects in wildlife and conservation, film, or photography. | More »

  • Barcelona Field Workshop

    12 Days
    Immerse yourself in the creativity and passion of this cosmopolitan city. Capture the soul of Barcelona through photography or writing. | More »

  • Belize Expedition

    12 Days
    On this special ocean-conservation-focused trip, work with biologists to survey marine species, and go snorkeling and scuba diving on the reef. | More »

  • Brazil’s Amazon & Pantanal Expedition

    19 Days
    On this special biodiversity-conservation-focused trip, monitor golden lion tamarins and track wildlife in the Amazon jungle. | More »

  • China Expedition

    21 Days
    Meet giant pandas, explore Beijing, and hike the Great Wall. Explore China through projects in photography or cultural geography. | More »

  • Costa Rica Community Service

    14 Days
    Experience everyday life in a mountain village, working alongside locals on a variety of service projects. Then head to the coast. | More »

  • Costa Rica Field Workshop

    12 Days
    Traveling from rain forest to coast, pursue projects in photography, wildlife and conservation, or community service. | More »

  • Ecuador & the Galápagos Expedition

    18 Days
    From the cloud forest to the Galápagos, focus on photography or wildlife and conservation projects. | More »

  • Grand Canyon & the Southwest Field Workshop

    12 Days
    Raft the San Juan River and explore the Grand Canyon through projects in photography or archaeology. | More »

  • Iceland Expedition

    15 Days
    Set out on an island adventure to this dramatic land of extremes. Focus on photography, climate and geology, or filmmaking. | More »

  • India Expedition

    21 Days
    Immerse yourself in India's rich cultural and spiritual diversity as you focus on projects in photography or cultural geography. | More »

  • Ireland Field Workshop

    12 Days
    From the cobbled streets of Dublin to the moonscapes of the Aran Islands, delve into Ireland’s storied past through projects in photography or creative writing. | More »

  • Italy & Greece Expedition

    17 Days
    From Rome's Pantheon to Greece's stunning islands, delve into life on the Mediterranean. Focus on photography, archaeology, or writing. | More »

  • London Photography Workshop

    12 Days
    Take part in our new in-depth London photo workshop led by a top National Geographic photographer. | More »

  • Namibia Expedition

    21 Days
    On this special wildlife-conservation-focused trip, track and monitor cheetahs and leopards with researchers and go sandboarding on the dunes. | More »

  • Pacific Northwest Expedition

    12 Days
    On this Conservation in Action trip, work alongside conservationists, monitor orca populations, and kayak in the San Juan Islands. | More »

  • Paris Photography Workshop

    12 Days
    Join a National Geographic photographer in Paris and improve your skills through field assignments and classroom critiques. | More »

  • Peru Community Service

    14 Days
    Immerse yourself in a traditional Andean village, working with the community on service projects. Then visit Machu Picchu. | More »

  • Peru Expedition

    20 Days
    Explore the land of the Inca and the soaring Andes through projects in photography, archaeology, or community service. | More »

  • Prague Photo Workshop

    12 Days
    Explore Prague with a National Geographic photographer. Improve your skills through field assignments and classroom critiques. | More »

  • San Francisco Photography Workshop

    11 Days
    Join a National Geographic photographer in San Francisco and improve your skills through field assignments and classroom critiques. | More »

  • South Africa & Mozambique Expedition

    20 Days
    On this Conservation in Action trip, learn wildlife tracking techniques, monitor marine life with scientists, and snorkel with whale sharks. | More »

  • Switzerland & France Expedition

    15 Days
    Document your alpine adventure through photography and filmmaking as you go canyoneering, glacier-trekking and rafting. | More »

  • Tanzania Community Service

    15 Days
    Settle into a village in the hills and work with locals on service projects. Then set out on a wildlife safari. | More »

  • Tanzania Expedition

    20 Days
    Experience safaris and tribal life. Focus on photography or wildlife and delve into Tanzania's natural and cultural treasures. | More »

  • Thailand Community Service

    15 Days
    Immerse yourself Thai life while working on service projects. Visit an elephant conservation center and snorkel off the coast. | More »

  • Tuscany Field Workshop

    12 Days
    Among rolling hills, vineyards, and fields of sunflowers, capture the essence of Tuscany through a focus on photography or writing. | More »

  • Yellowstone & Montana Field Workshop

    12 Days
    From prairie lands to soaring peaks, explore conservation in the U.S. through your selected focus. | More »

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