Our two days in Playa Hermosa have been filled with amazing activities which truly made us appreciate the immense beauty of Costa Rican wildlife and its diverse natural treasures. From surfing to snorkeling, to enjoying picnics and scavenger hunts, it has really been a unique start to the trip.

Our first full day started with surfing. It was a first for many of us and it took courage to catch those first waves — but we rocked them!


then, our leaders organized a scavenger hunt where we met locals and learned more about Costa Rica. It was a great bonding experience and we learned a lot. We tested our agility and adventurous side by ending the hunt with tree climbing and taking in a beautiful Pacific sunset.


Today we took a short boat ride to the nearby islands “Las Gemelas” to go on a two-hour snorkeling excursion, and witnessed the magnificent marine biodiversity of Costa Rica.  We marveled as we surface-dived through the huge schools of migrating jacks and trumpet fish.


Upon our arrival back to the shore, we walked over to the southernmost point of the beach for a picnic shaded by a tree, and enjoyed a group singalong led by our very talented ukulele player Lina.   After seeing Dory during our snorkeling expedition, we found her yet again while watching a Spanish screening of Finding Dory. The movie really helped improve our Spanish- we learned countless new words and phrases.  Our short stay in Playa Hermosa has helped us grow accustomed to the local culture, and we’re ready for our time in the village.  Pura Vida!