We’ve arrived in Sichuan Province!  The views are gorgeous in Wolong, the location of the giant panda reserve.


We donned our volunteer outfits and for our first task we cleaned out the panda enclosures — no easy feat with all the panda poo! — while they sat back and watched, comfortably munching on bamboo.




Then we got to feed the pandas, which were oh-so-cute as they bumbled toward us, attracted by the carrots and bamboo shoots in our hands.




Then, we made Panda Cakes, which are made of cooked egg, soy beans, carrots, and other delicious veggies.




We learned from Marc the importance of habitat preservation through working with local villagers and reintroducing indigenous plants that call this majestic and dramatic mountainous region home.




After eating some delicious Sichuan cuisine (which is culinary fire!), we decided that potato pancakes is one of our favorite go-to dishes of Sichuan food. It’s like a very well made hash brown with spices and green onions thrown into the mix. Up next, we’ll be in Dunhuang — we can’t wait to share more!