We started the day at 6:30 this morning, allowing us to eat breakfast and make way to the school where we would be running our English camp. The school we worked at was sponsored by Miss Universe Thailand 1988, and located two hours away from our home base in Chiang Rai. We spent the whole… Read More

Today we began our journey here in Thailand by giving alms to the monks, a tradition that the locals often engage in to receive blessings. After eating Thai pancakes for breakfast we set out on a bike ride around the temples and ruins of Chiang Mai. We learned many new Thai phrases and Thai greetings… Read More

Today we taught food vocabulary, names of countries, and animal vocabulary to fifth and sixth graders. We played games with them like: Hang-Man and classic Tag. We also played with toy blocks and toy food with the two and three year olds. The kids have been very playful with us this week. After a fun… Read More

We began the day with an early breakfast before we headed off to our first day of teaching. Due to traffic, we arrived at the morning ceremony late, but were greeted with many smiles. After a brief introduction, we began teaching students ages 3–6. Initially, there was a large language barrier but both Nat Geo… Read More