A few acrostic poems to describe our time on Maui: Mountainous Adventurous Ukulele Incredible – Talia B. Memorable Amazing Unforgettable Initiative – Lindsey B. Mosquito bites Aloha Unique Irreplaceable – Isabelle L. Magnificent snorkeling A humuhumunukunukuapua’a Unbelievable luau Indescribable turtles and dolphins – Christopher A.… Read More

Some haikus from students to represent our day! Snorkeling all day a new world waiting to see memories to make – Talia B. Urchins are scary turtles like Johnny and Grace Goggles be foggin’  – Chris A. Painful challenging Perseverance teamwork love Kindness thank you – Gwyneth F. Battles over the vans Avoiding sea urchins,… Read More

We began our day with breakfast before we headed off to Whittington Beach Park for our second day of service. We met up with partners of the Hawaii Wildlife Fund and they explained the dangers that the trash on the shores of the Hawaiian coast present. After discussing the work that we would be doing,… Read More

After an hour of getting to know each other, we started our exciting adventure with a snorkeling excursion in Honaunau Bay, known as Two Step for the lava rocks that provide a convenient access point for the water. As we snorkeled above the reefs, we discovered many biotic and abiotic factors, including sea turtles, sea… Read More