Fiji Memoir By Arnav Rai It took me awhile to really understand what community service means. It doesn’t mean doing something for a group you perceive to be less fortunate than you. It doesn’t mean giving away items you don’t want or need to someone else. And it most certainly does not mean simply donating.… Read More

After a leisurely Sunday spent with our newfound friends from Natokalau, we jumped right back into the daily village routine Monday morning. For breakfast, we enjoyed an assortment of Fijian treats including the super delicious fried dough pockets sprinkled with brown sugar and homemade oatmeal with strawberry jam. Breakfast energized us for the fun, busy… Read More

Sundays in Natokalau are different than every other day of the week. The crew woke up and had breakfast at 8 like usual then took a van over to a local Catholic church, Valenilotu, to join some of our hosts for Sunday mass. The mass was in Fijian, but the majority of the music was… Read More

We have made it to the village! This morning, we arrived to a wonderful welcoming in Natokalau. We were greeted with music, flowers, and a light lunch of green coconut and tuna sandwiches. Natokalau is home to 17 families. We got a tour of the village, met the chief, and settled into our new home.… Read More

After arriving in Taveuni and settling in, we headed straight to the beach in Nadi to relax, play games and head to bed for our first big day of diving and snorkeling.   While in the water the following day, we all saw tons of fish along the beautiful coral reef. The snorkelers even saw a shark! It was a nice,… Read More