Today was a very important day in Costa Rica: it was the annexation of Guanacaste! We started our celebration dancing at a local primary school. Traditional Pozo Azul music played and we hung out with the children that attended. After lunch we attended another celebration for the holiday where there were stands full of traditional… Read More

Today was all about exploring the province of Montverde. We kicked off the day with a visit to the local chocolate-making shop and witnessed a small part of the process. We gained a better understanding of how the cacao fruit were planted and harvested and picked out various kinds of chocolate to keep for ourselves!… Read More

We’ve now been in Cuajiniquil for two and a half days. We arrived on Monday evening, started our projects yesterday, and have continued working today. Our major group projects are broken into four groups: Farm Project, Beach Project, Community Project, High School Mural. The students have been divided up into groups of four or five,… Read More

We started off our first full day in Playa Hermosa with a classic breakfast at the hotel before hopping on the bus for a day trip to Playa Grande. Our first stop of the day was at the Leatherback Trust conservation center with an introduction to the turtles and what we can do to help… Read More

Our day began when the roosters once again crowed their morning alarm in Cuajiniquil. To kick things off, we made our way toward Elliot and Veronica’s home, where an American breakfast awaited us. As we ate, each bite reminded us of the home that felt a world away. During the following hours, students made progress… Read More

To start the day, the group drove to Playa Grande, experiencing the scenic mountains and ocean views from different parts of Costa Rica. The excitement began early as we stopped the bus to view a family of monkeys swinging amongst the trees on our route to our upcoming adventure. Once arriving at the beach, the… Read More

We’ve spent most of our time in Playa Grande either in, on, or next to the water. The rest of the time we’ve spent working on our On Assignment projects, cooking delicious meals, or dancing and laughing to cumbia and merengue music.  Our Playa Grande home is on the beach at the Goldring-Gund Marine Research Station.… Read More

Our first days in Guanacaste have been amazing! Our first day began with a photography session right outside the house. We took pictures of Halloween crabs, a toad, and a tree frog. After we finished photographing the animals, Taylor Edwards, our Nat Geo expert, gave a presentation about the conservation of turtles. He showed us… Read More