Name of National Geographic Trip: Alaska Expedition Year traveled: 2017 Names of trip leaders: Lauren Cain, Brandon Hill, Julia Michaels How did you decide to travel with National Geographic, and why did you choose your particular trip? We were living overseas and I was looking for something to do over the summer. All of my… Read More

A few acrostic poems to describe our time on Maui: Mountainous Adventurous Ukulele Incredible – Talia B. Memorable Amazing Unforgettable Initiative – Lindsey B. Mosquito bites Aloha Unique Irreplaceable – Isabelle L. Magnificent snorkeling A humuhumunukunukuapua’a Unbelievable luau Indescribable turtles and dolphins – Christopher A.… Read More

Another beautiful day in Isalo! This time we hiked up a canyon that was full of trees. Our guide stopped to tell us about a chameleon when a troop of ring-tailed lemurs appeared to start feeding on some fruits in the tree over us! They were so close that we had to back up at… Read More

The following magazine spread was created by students Alexandra S., James O., Julia P., & Worth T. in response to a “travel story challenge” our trip leaders gave them while on our Italy & Greece Expedition. While on the expedition students focus on developing their storytelling through a series of field-based writing workshops, including “travel story… Read More

Students on last summer’s Barcelona Photo Workshop spent time documenting the city’s fanciful architecture, bustling open-air markets, and sun-splashed beaches. After learning new techniques from National Geographic photographer Tino Soriano and honing their skills with input from professionals, the students organized and presented the best of their work at a gallery exhibition. Take a look at their… Read More

The clock struck seven and breakfast smelled like heaven In a rush we hopped on the bus Smiling wide as we drove through the countryside We strapped on our gear and started to cheer As we were given a horse whose hair was a little bit coarse We started a bit slow but then we… Read More

Day two of painting: who knew there were so many countries!? It took us all day, but we went from blue walls to actual maps! Students at both schools were eager to learn where we were from, and thanks to our new maps, we could finally show them! Throughout the day we took short breaks… Read More

We started off the day in Inis Oírr with breakfast at the hostel and then went to go rent bikes nearby. The majority of the group then biked to find a seal colony along the coast and ended up circling back to the hostel to regroup before lunch. After eating lunch next door, we took… Read More

Some haikus from students to represent our day! Snorkeling all day a new world waiting to see memories to make – Talia B. Urchins are scary turtles like Johnny and Grace Goggles be foggin’  – Chris A. Painful challenging Perseverance teamwork love Kindness thank you – Gwyneth F. Battles over the vans Avoiding sea urchins,… Read More

Today we began our journey here in Thailand by giving alms to the monks, a tradition that the locals often engage in to receive blessings. After eating Thai pancakes for breakfast we set out on a bike ride around the temples and ruins of Chiang Mai. We learned many new Thai phrases and Thai greetings… Read More

Our day began with two local mountain trains. Then we caught a cable car to our hike for the day in Mürren. After Anika and Lara persuaded the entire cable car to participate in a video, we arrived at our starting point. We hiked up a steep hill, captivated by the snails, the passing fog… Read More

I wake up to the sounds of roosters and motorcycles curled up with me in my mosquito net. I brush my teeth as quick as possible in the sink, taking a quick look in the mirror which was a bad idea; my hair is as frizzy as it can be. Then, we eat some delicious… Read More

Today we said goodbye to our lovely slice of paradise, Calabash Caye—or as we’ve come to know it, “the ‘Bash.” In our time there, many of us experienced for the first time what it was like to live on a secluded island with only 20 other people. The staff at the ‘Bash were incredibly friendly… Read More

We’ve now been in Cuajiniquil for two and a half days. We arrived on Monday evening, started our projects yesterday, and have continued working today. Our major group projects are broken into four groups: Farm Project, Beach Project, Community Project, High School Mural. The students have been divided up into groups of four or five,… Read More

Today we taught food vocabulary, names of countries, and animal vocabulary to fifth and sixth graders. We played games with them like: Hang-Man and classic Tag. We also played with toy blocks and toy food with the two and three year olds. The kids have been very playful with us this week. After a fun… Read More

We made the hour-long trip to the GREAT BLUE HOLE! We started on the outer edge of the wall and looked down into the vastness of the deep hole. One of the highlights was getting to see our first sea turtle—a hawksbill missing one of its hind flippers. We made our best attempt at an… Read More

Check out some of the creatures we came across during our time in the Outback!… Read More

Today we headed off to the Galakiwi shop to get fitted for wetsuits and pick up fins and masks for snorkeling. We then took a very quick bus ride and a long walk to the snorkeling spot, Las Tijeretas. There, we were faced with a challenge when we noticed that a feisty sea lion was blocking our… Read More

Today the group went surfing with the International Schools Surf Camp. After having a quick practice surf yesterday, the group was ready to hit the waves for some more serious surfing. Both the conservation and the photography students finalized their presentations this morning and were looking forward to spending our last afternoon in Bali on… Read More

Yes, we are city-based workshop, but that doesn’t mean we can’t also conquer the Pyrenees Mountains! Adventure, exploration, and curiosity—that is what we are all about! Today our Barcelona Photo Workshop participants traveled north to the border of Spain and France, for a day in the mountains near the village of Castellar de n’Hug. We… Read More

Today, we learned about tracking animals for conservation purposes. Tracking is important for conservation because having awareness of the surrounding dangerous animals is critical to protect the local farmers’ livestock and businesses. In general, in the past, locals have not showed a positive mentality toward these big animals (leopards, lions, etc.). In their eyes, it… Read More

Today we were grateful for the later start to the day. After eating breakfast we headed to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, which is a wide plain where a herd of bison is conserved and studied. We met up with Tim and Tom, two people who work for the Denver Zoo and they showed us how they… Read More

While sightseeing can certainly make for some brag-worthy selfies in front of iconic places and historical relics, there is no substitute for genuine interaction and meaningful engagement with local people and culture. We spent the day today on an organic farm in Tuscany learning from local farmers and bio-agriculture experts about the farm-to-table production process… Read More

We began the day with an early breakfast before we headed off to our first day of teaching. Due to traffic, we arrived at the morning ceremony late, but were greeted with many smiles. After a brief introduction, we began teaching students ages 3–6. Initially, there was a large language barrier but both Nat Geo… Read More

Jambo! In Tarangire we went for an early morning game drive, where we saw lions and leopards that we wouldn’t otherwise see midday. During our drive to Magara we witnessed a young female lion practicing her hunting on a herd of zebras. She didn’t catch anything, but the attempt was half-hearted since her belly was… Read More

We started off our first full day in Playa Hermosa with a classic breakfast at the hotel before hopping on the bus for a day trip to Playa Grande. Our first stop of the day was at the Leatherback Trust conservation center with an introduction to the turtles and what we can do to help… Read More

The group has arrived in Dublin, and didn’t waste a minute before delving into Irish culture.  On our first day, we visited Epic Ireland, an innovative museum that details Ireland’s long history. Upon arrival, we were greeted by an Irish Emigration expert who shared some rich history and context for the many interactive exhibits we explored.… Read More

Arriving early on Saturday morning, the Mogao information center showed us a documentary and gave a virtual tour of the caves. Dunhuang, where we are staying, was once an oasis town that was part of the Silk Road. Roughly 30 minutes away by bus, the Mogao grottoes consist of 735 individual caves. We got to… Read More

Here’s a few snapshots of our team enjoying the incredible Great Barrier Reef. We had a beautiful day on the water exploring, snorkeling, and learning about the special ecosystem of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.… Read More

After a leisurely Sunday spent with our newfound friends from Natokalau, we jumped right back into the daily village routine Monday morning. For breakfast, we enjoyed an assortment of Fijian treats including the super delicious fried dough pockets sprinkled with brown sugar and homemade oatmeal with strawberry jam. Breakfast energized us for the fun, busy… Read More

The trip leader Patrick was able to sit down today with expedition-mate, student, and photographer extraordinaire Ryan E., who is from just outside the Washington, D.C. area in Virginia. He asked him a few questions about the trip thus far. Here’s what he had to say… Patrick H.: How does it feel to be a… Read More

This is the part where we settle down, fall in, and get lost. Not lost on the dusty red Outback trail and not take a wrong turn, but lost in our own thoughts. The part of travel that people forget about. The downtime, the transfers. The escape from one place to another. Almost like leaving… Read More

We are having a blast in the desert! Robbie Shone, our National Geographic Expert, has joined us in Dunhuang and has been engaged in photo critique, interviews, and adding his own positive vibe to the group dynamic. Dunhuang has been dry and hot, yet we have been enjoying the activities, culture, and scenery. Yesterday we… Read More

Our day started off with wildlife. We left our palace early in the morning and headed to Keoladeo Ghana National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. As a former hunting spot of the Maharajas, there are around 360 species of birds found in this park. Some biked throughout the forest and some saved their energy… Read More

Today we woke up bright and early. Departing at 9 a.m. sharp, we rode through the bitter cold, surrounded by frosty snowflakes that littered the bus windows. Our energetic guide Charlie explained the journey we were about to begin, and soon enough we all stood in the cold trying to contain our excitement—we knew that… Read More

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A few days ago, our group ventured out toward the coastline in a Tundra Buggy. While navigating through the uneven terrain, the group observed wildlife, enjoyed the landscapes, battled with mosquitos, and returned to the research centre with camera memory cards full. By evening, each student presented their favorite photo-of-the-day, and Nat Geo Expert and… Read More

From waterfalls to caves to geothermal craters, we have had adventures across Iceland. Check out some of our photos!… Read More