Today was the coolest day ever. After breakfast, we all headed over to Greymouth Town Center for Adventure Tours. We put on wet suits and many layers of thermals and hopped in a van to drive to the river. Thirty minutes later we found ourselves looking down on a 70-foot gorge filled with rapidly moving (and red colored) river water. One by one we flew down the moss-covered walls of the gorge on a zip line. After that we raced down the rapids on inner tubes until we reached a cave.


We trudged through the racing water and onto the rocky shore, to the edge of a smaller branch of the river, which fed into the wider channel. We each slid down a concrete and dirt slide into the water at the mouth of a dark cave. With our tubes linked together, our guide pushed us deeper into the cave. As it grew darker, we began to see tiny light on the roof of the narrow cave. It was hundred of glow worms. We abandoned our tubes and trudged through the knee deep water and deeper into the cave. It was pitch black and the only light we could see was the thousands of glow worms on the ceiling, lighting the way through the narrow walls.


Our guide told us to stop and he began pulling out cups. A few of us thought he was going to make us drink the water (because apparently this particular river was stained red with trees used to make tea). But instead he pulled out thermoses filled with hot chocolate and another with Mars bars. Sipping our warm drinks in the total darkness, we stared up at the thousands of tiny lights on the ceiling. In the blackness, the glow worms looked like stars. After that, we continued deeper in the cave where we stopped at an underground waterfall. Here, we turned around and headed back out of the cave. After we returned to the base, we soaked our cold toes in a hot tub and watched the pictures and videos our guide had taken of our adventure.