Wow, what an amazing Fourth of July we had in Belize! After breakfast we patiently waited for our guides to arrive from Belize City, and after packing up our boat we headed out to the blue hole.


It was a very bumpy ride, and we have video to prove it, but we can happily say that no one got seriously seasick! Thank goodness! Some highlights from the blue hole: a nurse shark, lobster, sea cucumber, and many beautiful fish. Then we headed to Half Moon Caye where we ate a delicious lunch and went on a walk to see Red-Footed Boobies, and along the way we picked up a lot of coconuts for the “Fourth of July Surprise” that Carolyn and Brian would not reveal until later.

Enjoying fruit on shore.

Enjoying fruit on shore.

Then we went for another snorkel where we saw an eel, a shark, a lionfish, and a parrotfish among other things.


On our way back to the field station we made a snorkeling stop at a 124-meter drop-off called the Aquarium. It was super cool because on one side there was coral and fish and then right next to it there was just blue, clear blue and it was truly beautiful.


When we got back we continued to watch the documentary Sharkwater before dinner. Our “4th of July Surprise” was finally revealed at dinner. The surprise was having a huge bonfire, drinking out of the coconuts, and singing campfire songs. Today has been another absolutely fantastic day!