Today we woke up early, headed out, and played a game of Alaskan Baseball before going to work with our On Assignment groups. The Wildlife Conservation team came up with the idea to make a booklet with information on several species, including bears, caribou, and moose.

We had lunch from a Thai food truck, then visited a sled dog center. We got to pet 33 huskies and see a demonstration of how they hitch the dogs to the sled. All the dogs were very lively and excited to run around the track.

After spending time with the dogs, a small group of us went on a hike on the Horseshoe Lake Trail. We saw a lot of beavers dragging logs to their den, and a moose wading in the water with two calves. We got plenty of pictures and video recordings of all the nature around us. Later, when we got back to the hostel, we made burritos for dinner and had our nightly meeting.

The next morning, we went to a place located on a remote island that can only be reached by boat, helicopter, or swimming. When we arrived at the Peterson Bay Field Station, we had a briefing on the rules and regulations. We then went on two hikes. The first hike was a two-hour hike where we learned about many types of plants, such as the devil club plant, which can cause dangerous infections if you touch the roots. We then had a break before a second hike, where we went on a different trail in the woods. We saw more plants and fungi before we reached a rocky beach, which is one of the few places where you can stand on two tectonic plates at the same time. After learning more about the formation of the beach and the organisms that live there, we walked to an ancient midden pile where native Alaskans dumped their broken tools thousands of years ago.

We then returned to the center, where we ate hot dogs, hamburgers, and veggie burgers in celebration of the Fourth of July. We sat around a campfire, roasted marshmallows, and sang songs—a great end to a very eventful day.